Pure spaces with

Himalyan Salt Wall

Himalayan Salt walls as the name suggests are walls made entirely of illuminated Himalayan salt blocks, or regular walls with panels of Himalayan salt bricks in them.

Historically known for its most important feature to purify any given space, Himalayan Salt has been used in Interior Spaces since decades to clean and clear the aura & air. The negatively charged ions from a gently heated Himalayan salt serve to purify the circulating air. The idea is to create a very strong positive environment that is encircled by pure air and pure living.

Moreover a Himalayan Salt wall helps to reduce stress, increase energy boost moods at a biochemical level.

While we recommend and suggest a “Himalayan Salt wall” as a must have for any space that is big enough, for small spaces we help our clients to customise a Salt walls that can co-exist and become a part of its surrounding. 


Calms your mind

Boosts Good Health

Natural Air Purifier

Helps Reduce Stress

Creates Positive Vibes

Beautifies any Space

A beautifully illuminated, hand-carved salt blocks or a Himalayan salt wall adds aesthetic value to any lifestyle space and most importantly it boosts good health. The minerals and salts present in such walls naturally nourishes the body and are considered to be the purest and most beneficial salt ever discovered on earth. The wellness benefits along with the aesthetic value of a pure salt wall create a sense of place and calmness for people around.